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One of the greatest storyteller/songwriters was Harry Chapin. I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember. One of his songs “Mr. Tanner” tells the story of a singer and his chance at stardom. It goes poorly, the reviews are not kind and he returns to his laundromat, never to sing in public again.

Does that sound familiar to the writer that is you? Have you sent a manuscript to an agent or publisher, only to have it sent back with comments you’d rather not hear? Same thing happens with contest entries, e-zine submissions and even a greeting card with your best whimsical lines that fail to “make the grade.”

You figure that’s it, that’s your shot at fame, money, or even just publication. Might as well put the pen down. And if you pick it back up, you certainly aren’t sharing it anywhere, right?

The doubt, fear, insecurity creeps back into your thoughts, pushing out the great stories you have inside you.

Let’s stick together and make sure that doesn’t happen. The writing road is definitely a long one (hopefully endless!) and sometimes it isn’t even paved. But if you make the choice to start the journey, it doesn’t do any good to stop at the first wrong turn or construction zone. There’s always a detour somewhere. You might have to stay put for a while and figure out your next route. But it’s out there, and we’re out here traveling the roads as well. We’ll cross paths some day, share our stories and a smile or two, and then journey on.

Besides, we don’t sit at a stop sign forever, do we? Travel well, writer friends. I’ll see you on the road.

(And don’t be a Tanner!)

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(Note: This post was previously published by mistake a couple of weeks ago. It is presented here on the regular IWSG first Wednesday. Also: my photo contest/giveaway Where Am I? Wednesday will return next week)