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The “layout” of the story.

My dogs and I neared a small tree located in a corner of a neighborhood backyard. A small voice emanated from behind the tree, its source unseen. Though highly animated, the child’s words weren’t entirely clear, but a story was being told. We passed the tree to find a small boy, maybe four years old, laying rocks in a pattern in the cement rain gutter that sloped toward the street. He finally looked up at me, stopped his narration, smiled and said, “Hi.” I replied in the same and moved on. The storytelling resumed.

I smiled, knowing the art of storytelling and the imagination of dreams is alive and in good hands. I hope he is allowed to continue on his journey. As if to confirm my wishes, I noticed the cloud formation pictured below. Located between the two trees (straight up from the last fence post,) I saw a bear reading a book. I hope you can see it to.


Can you see the bear reading a book?

WHERE AM I? WINNER: Congratulations to Tony Seahorn for his guess “The Inside Passage.” The photo (taken by fellow DDHS alumni Kerry Potts) is located at Metlakatla, Alaska/Annette Islands Indian Reservation.

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

Tony wins this week’s Coffee Gift Card and Kerry receives one as well for contributing the photograph. Thanks to all who participated in this week’s challenge. A new contest starts tomorrow.