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As I wrote in the essay “The Fire Hopper” from my book And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete, “It’s no secret my soul rests most easily when I return to the beaches of my youth.”

The other day I thought: “I wonder if the ocean thinks about me as much as I think about her?”

Ocean Beaches, Home


To those of us who are called by the sea, we shall always hear her song, no matter where we are. Dan Fogelberg’s song “The Reach” helps keep us near her when we can’t be together.

And out at sea...

Days end, Life’s beginning.

And the morning will blow away
As the waves crash and fall
And the Reach like a siren sings
as she beckons and calls
As the coastline recedes from view
And the seas swell and roll
I will take from the Reach
all that she has to teach
To the depths of my soul —

From “The Reach” by Dan Fogelberg (The Innocent Age album: 1981)


Do you have a favorite place that reaches to your soul? Or a favorite artist (music, writer, painter, etc.) who helps take you there? Been there lately or has is been too long since your last visit?