Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get my first book out to the world back in February. Doubts, fears, and insecurities haunted the process. Once in a while there were moments of confidence and excitement. When the final proof was sent off for print (self-published,) my first reaction was to grab it back. Fortunately, I worked with another author who has her own imprint (Hot Chocolate Press) so I knew it was “out-of-my-hands.”

And rightfully so. A couple of weeks later this humble book of mine returned home, packaged neatly in a brown box, the white label rather unassuming. No waving flags, parades, parties or fancy wrapping. But there it was…MY BOOK!

Final ATIS Front Cover Image

With a semi-developed (and flexible) marketing plan, I dove in deep. Within 90 days I had placed the book in 7 countries, International shipping waters and nearly 20 different states (confusion being one of them!)

With the e-book title out there’s still plenty to do. The most important thing is to get book 2 out. And that’s where I’ve wrapped myself right back in the “blanket of insecurity.” I’ve got two files, one with almost 50 fly fishing essays and the other with nearly 50 poems waiting for me to move them forward.

One would think with a recent released title, it would be easy to move forward. Heck, book one is done, right? Still I struggle to generate the energy to overcome the mountain of doubt and worry. The A to Z blogging challenge was a convenient way to put off working on them. But that’s over and those files were staring at me every time I open my lap top.

Finally, I swallowed my doubt (along with a glass of wine) and started in. Sure it was simple sorting and minor formatting of the essays so the real editing can start. I found some work needed major overhauls and others that brought a smile to my face, recalling the wonderful times on the river with friends.

Yeah, I’m still insecure about a lot of this new endeavor, but I survived it once. I think I’ll shoot for two-in-a-row.

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Where Am I Now

We return to our regular “Where Am I Wednesday?” feature. Below is a photo of my book at one of my favorite locals. Closest guess (i.e. most detailed) wins either a Fort Collins Coffee House or Starbucks $5.00 gift card.

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

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