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I journeyed to a place where I found a rock, the sun, the wind and the river. It was where I needed to be. They did not invite, nor did they inquire. And they did not turn me away.

On the edge of the river the rock, warmed by the sun and shaped by the wind, offered a place to sit. I accepted, resting my troubles there.

The Rock of Solice

The Rock of Solice

The sun offered brightness when I was feeling darkness. Its light cast my shadow behind me, affirming that my troubles were there as well. Its warmth reached my core. My soul began to see the light beyond.

The wind carried my cries of anguish, fear and frustration down the canyon, until I no longer heard them. Only the sound of the river remained.

The river accepted my tears, blending their salinity with its own snowmelt clarity. Now part of the river, my tears joined that which is forever, that which is always moving and that which is always here.

Whenever I touch the river, I shall touch my tears and remember: I was cleansed by the water and my tears were dried by the wind, that my soul was warmed by the sun and my burdens supported by the rock . . .

. . . and I will know I am home.

Home again

Home again

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From: And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete

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