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Time drifts, emotions change, sometimes I find myself looking back. During these times I often return to the music of Dan Fogelberg. So many of his songs reflect his thoughts, emotions, struggles, discoveries. My dream was always to write lyrics and send them to him. I never did and he left us in December 2007, just when my writing was beginning to re-energize. Timing is everything, sometimes it’s nothing.

The other night I had this thought: “Our dreams don’t have to be the same for us to be happy. We only need to give ourselves (and each other) enough freedom and support to pursue those dreams. When we do, our paths will cross many times over and we shall find ourselves standing in new places, together, stronger than before.”

I wonder what Dan would have thought about that?

From his 1979 release of Phoenix:

“No more living someone else’s dream…”

“Tullamore Dew was written as an instrumental prelude to the “Phoenix “album, It is also the name of a very fine Irish whiskey that I used to have quite an affinity for. Phoenix is a hard driving piece that I wrote about resurrection. We all suffer the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” but the human heart is an amazingly resilient muscle.” (Dan Fogelberg)