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I read a travel tip prior to leaving on our adventure which mentioned standing in lines. The information said that if you wait patiently in line, you will never arrive. In Europe/Spain (the article assumption, not mine) people will cut in, muscle in, or maneuver their way in front of you without so much a “pardon me.” The article said get  used to it and when in Spain, do as the Spaniards.

And to a degree this proved true. On the ship, not quite as much, but we still encountered it. Though is was off-putting, we also made like the locals. No one seemed to mind, everyone got what they wanted, it was just a little less pleasant than what we were used to. And on the rare occasion when somewhat asked for permission or at least gave a sheepish glance, that was good enough for me.

If you go, queue it up and then barge to the front!


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