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Just one more sip and I'll finish the next post!

Just one more sip and I’ll finish the next post!








I took a very unscientific poll while on our cruise. Fortunately I wore flip flops when I did this so I could use my toes to count as well.

By my estimation it was pretty close to a 50/50 split for readers using an E-reader and those reading a book. The ship had a small library with books to check out, as well as, a book exchange. I put two of my books in the exchange. They disappeared pretty quickly and I never saw them return. (Trust me…I checked.) However I never saw anyone on deck with my book in hand.



For our part we held the same ratio. I read two “real” books, one book on my Nook and two on my Kindle. My wife read two actual books as well.

So it seems that books are alive and well. For travel, the E-readers are great. But I”m still a real-book-in-hands kind of guy.

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(Note: There is a pattern to the postings of my A To Z Blog Challenge (besides the A-Z order of the alphabet. The first person to correctly identify the pattern wins a free copy of my book, And The I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete  and a $5.00 gift card from Fort Collins Coffee House (if in Northern CO) or Starbucks if outside the FTC area.)