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Support is just a twist and sip away.

Support is just a twist and sip away





One of the first things we noticed in Barcelona, Spain was the number of couples and family members holding hands while they walked down the sidewalks and streets. Old, young, friends and lover’s stayed “in touch” as they made their way through the crowds.


And why not? It was heartwarming to see fingers entwined and/or arms around waists, a constant reminder that says “I’m here for you now.”


I’m not sure if Barcelona is called the “city of love,” but it’s certainly a place where people are comfortable to stay connected during daily life.

This "seasoned" couple was one of my favorites.

This “seasoned” couple was one of my favorites.

(Note: Trying not to appear to creepy, I stole moments to take photos and the camera was too sensitive to get any great pics.)

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