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April Blogging Challenge incentive.








Yes, we were cruising the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, so how did golf fit into the picture? On our first cruise in 1987, a golf mat with a rag tag selections of club set in a leather tour style bag was set on the rear of the ship. For $7.00 you could hit 5 golf balls into the Caribbean. Being a full-on golf hound, I of course, took a few swings. Somewhere between St. Thomas and St. Lucia the result of my wayward swings sit on the bottom of the ocean.

The cruise world has updated itself a bit in 27 years. Our ship had four netted hitting stations. It was a similar bag that held a less-than stellar selection of clubs. But it was free, so I took advantage of the chance to re-tool my swing that has been dormant for more than four years.


To my surprise I found a decent swing that resembled my previous form. Back in the day I played my way down to a 7-handicap (too bad I wasn’t better at putting.) Trying to respect my age, lack of flexibility and flip-flop foot wear, I grabbed a 5-iron and a 9-iron and took some easy swings.

With warm sun, a light breeze and not having to chase balls all over a golf course, I found myself considering getting back into the game, though at a much more leisurely pace with less concern about score and more concentrated on fun and relaxation. But no so much that I’ll be in plaid shorts, dark socks and white golf shoes with matching belt. I do have my limits!


The 1st through 18th tee.


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(Note: There is a pattern to the postings of my A To Z Blog Challenge (besides the A-Z order of the alphabet. The first person to correctly identify the pattern wins a free copy of my book, And The I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete  and a $5.00 gift card from Fort Collins Coffee House (if in Northern CO) or Starbucks if outside the FTC area.)