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One would think, especially if you know me, that for this blog theme, E would stand for eating! There was plenty of that going on the cruise ship and we sampled plenty of the local cuisine. However E is for Euros, that funny looking money used throughout the European Union. Only two locations we visited: Casablanca, Morroco and London’s Heathrow Airport didn’t use the Euro as its official currency.

The American dollar isn’t holding up so well across “the pond.” Though a better exchange rate (about 1.38 euros to $1 US) than the British Pound ($1.88 GBP to $1.00 US), it’s a bit more costly for some items. However it wasn’t too bad and there weren’t any additional taxes added on. A $9 Euro pizza roughly equaled $13.00 US.

Euros are designed much more efficiently and are more colorful than US currency. Coins are used for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty-cent, one dollar and two dollar amounts. Dollar coins are silver rounded with gold color, other coins are strictly gold in color. One euro coins are smaller in size than two euro coins. Also, their system uses a comma for the “cents” designator and a period/dot for items more than 1,000 euros. So a dress that cost $19.99 would be listed as $19,99. The sales person would state the price of the dress as, “Nineteen euro, ninety-nine.”

The first dollar bill starts at the $5 euro amount. Each sequential bill is slightly larger in size than its predecessor, contains a different picture and is a completely different color. A smart and well designed system, it seems, even if they are currently getting a better bang for their euros over here than we are with our American dollars over there.


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