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Welcome to my first participation in the April A to Z Blog Challenge. Throughout the month we’ll be visiting several landmarks, churchs, wineries, volcanic lava fields, and other highlights from our trip to Barcelona, Spain and 9 day Mediterranean/Atlantic ocean cruise. Enjoy!







Arrecife, Lanzarote is the eastern most island of the Canary Island Chain. Though the fourth stop on our cruise, it’s alphabetic superiority puts it first for the A to Z Blog Challenge.

Born via volcanic erupitons, Lanzarote offers rugged and remote volcanic landscape, dramatic coastlines and one of the most unique wineries in the world. The island was host to the first lunar rover trial runs as its landscape is very “lunar-like” and sports nearly 200 different species of lichen-forming fungi.


Due to its unique construct, several movies have been shot on location here, including One Million Years, B.C. and Krull  and television series Doctor Who and The Martian Chronicles.

We’ll check out the wineries in a later post, but here’s a photo of the vine growing near Lanzorte:


Camels were also part of our island adventure:


More on this a little later in the month as well.

Arrecife is a unique place and we enjoyed our daylong stay. We’ll hear more about this strange island as we cruise through the month. I hope you smile as much as we did while on our travels.