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After a two week vacation to Spain and surrounding areas, I’m back in the States and working to catch up on all things writing (although I did draft out two poems while away.)

On my travels, I “deposited” copies of my books on two airplanes, two Starbucks (in different countries), the cruise ship book exchange (2 copies which left and never came back) and one in a hotel room. They have been set free in the wild. Who knows where they’ll end up.

I’m gearing up for the Northern Colorado Writers Conference this coming weekend (March 28/29: Fort Collins, CO. A few open spots are still available. Click HERE.)


Two years ago I attended my first NCW Conference (first one ever, as well) and the theme was “Passport to Adventure.” As a very new writer, I was overwhelmed with much of what went on, but had a great experience and vowed to return.

Last year I wasn’t able to attend, but did a short presentation/reading with panelist Bonnie Rathum to kick off one of her sessions. I was honored she asked me to help and it turned out great.

This year I’m attending and of all things, will be a panelist for the “New Authors Panel” along with Vivian Caethe and Jane Nicolet. Imagine that! From newbie attendee to Author Panelist in two short years.

At that first NCW Conference, I received a knapsack full of goodies. Who would’ve thought that same bag would be carrying my first book to Spain and beyond?


That first NCW Conference really was my “Passport to Adventure” and I can’t wait to see what this year’s event “2014 Writing Odyssey: To Publishing and Beyond!” brings.