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Locally in Northern Colorado the lower lakes and rivers are beginning to show signs of spring. Two outings to the Poudre River last week produced good fishing and reports from my fly fishing friends are positive.

Poudre River Cutbow

Poudre River beauty (The fish!)

The Big Thompson is still undergoing repair in several places, though I keep seeing photos of fish being caught above Mall Road near the dam in Estes Park. Below are two of the many photos I took in the canyon in early January. There is much to do and only time will show the changes of The Big Thompson River. Hopes are high that it will eventually return to the level of quality fishing prior to the flood.


Unexpected landscaping

One of my favorite winter spots...well used to be.

One of my favorite winter spots…well used to be.

Exciting news bulletin: I have entered into an agreement with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my first book: “And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete” to this outstanding veterans support organization.

Final ATIS Front Cover Image

A few fly fishing tales inside

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Thanks for supporting PHWFF and my book. I am starting the process of organizing my next book, centered around fly fishing essays for a Fall 2014 release.