Sometimes, well at least when I prod them, people will ask how writers come up with story ideas. Here’s one way:

Certainly it’s Monday. The bright morning sun reflecting off the 8 inches of snow does little to clear the dreary cloudiness that fills my mind. But, of course, a good workout will make things better, right?

iPod engaged, music selected at random and I start “climbing” my way to feeling better. Ten minutes in I’m at a point that I’m either going to fall off the back end of the tread climber or I’m gonna shut it down right then and there. The music playing at that moment was from Ace, titled How Long? (Has This Been Going On) isn’t helping, because it feels like it’s been hours.

Self encouragement kicks in. I tell myself, Just one more song. Make it through peteone more song. To thine own self be true is my death knell as what plays next is Peter Frampton’s live version of Do You Feel (Like I Do?) (Interesting that both these songs ask a question.) Yup, 14:17 worth of treading nowhere, but I make it.

Cool down ensues to the B-52’s with Love Shack followed by a final stretch out to Me and Mrs. Jones by Michale Buble`.b52s

Yes, my morning workout laid it all out:

1) How Long (has this been going on?)

2) Do You Feel Like I Do?

3) Love Shack

4) Me and Mrs. Jones

All I needed now was Baby Come Back by Player to come through the speakers and the torrid love affair, discovered at last, pleading for forgiveness is complete.

See, it’s really not that tough to be a writer. All it takes is 30 minutes of exercise, a bunch of 70-80’s tunes on an iPod, and a few extra details.

Write on!