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In an unexpected moment, my mind quiets. A spec of tranquility and all I can hear is my breathing. I return to my soul, my true home, and know there is peace. Inspired, I write to share the song of my heart.

Looking at the night sky, knowing that untold mysteries are waiting to be discovered, I am inspired to bring the beauty of that moment to the lives of others.

Standing along the river’s edge, knowing that it is always changing and yet complete; knowing that is perfect in every moment that I partake in its journey, I am inspired to reach across the page, so another may know the joy I have found.

Hearing the laughter of a child, I am taken back to my encounter with the young Mexican girl in Cancun. Standing in front of her very “humble” dwelling, her bright eyes and shy smile belies her situation. I find hope in her smile, which inspires me to bring that feeling of hope to the world, one word at a time.

I am inspired by life. I am inspired by love. I am inspired, simply because, I am.


(Photo courtesy of Gino Siller Photography-www.ginosiller.net)