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“Knowing is the way. Guessing leads to confusion and self-doubt. Watch, listen, learn and grow along your own path. Sense what you know is the truth. Divine light will lead you. The journey will begin to include others- others who receive what you bring. Keep stability in your life. Branch out so blossoms may grow. Stay rooted in foundation and strength. Honesty and integrity is of utmost importance. Compassion makes many friends. Emotional bonds may be made, but rational thinking and learning will be the way for you.

Separate, but together, the final piece of the puzzle is in your hands. Listen to your heart. Do not doubt what you know. Time is not of the essence. Live in the physical body and see the non-physical through it. 

Another shift has begun. Another adventure lay ahead. Your steps are sure-of-foot. Balance is key. Observation is more important now. You will meet others to help you find the way. What happens next is not always up to you. But you are at the right place and time and will act accordingly.

Deep down you have set the path.

Many times before you have come this way and known-This is my home.”