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The Colorado Tax-Day snow storm continues. This morning I took a break while shoveling and measured the accumulation.

Since I was busy working I didn’t have my phone or camera with me. But I think you’ll be able to get the idea of just how much snow has fallen.

On our back patio, somewhat sheltered I estimated the snow to be about 10 inches. Here’s an example for display:

A solid 10 inches

A solid 10 inches

Out in front of the house where the snow has piled up unimpeded, I gauged it to be closer to a full foot in depth…something like this:

Probably closer to 13...

Probably closer to 13…

With additional forecasts for 3-5 inches more today, that pushes the total near 18 inches…which looks something like this:

Putting any Coney Island dog to shame...

Putting any Coney Island chili-dog to shame…

Given three straight days of shoveling, the drifts alongside the driveway are well over 24 inches deep. Yup, two solid feet of snow. Here’s another reference:

I could barely get this 24-incher in the net!

I could barely get this 24-incher in the net!

Alas, we need the moisture, so for now, I’ll continue to shovel. To help ease the work I’ll dream of my first catch that measures over 30 inches…