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By now you are familiar with Author JA Kazimer and her latest release: Froggy Style: A F****ed Up Fairy Tale. If not click HERE and HERE and HERE.

J.A. posted a photo on her FaceBook page the other day. What follows are 10 quotes from the frogs involved in the publicity stunt photo.

Full-on Froggy Style!

Full-on Froggy Style!

1)  “I hope there’s not an underwater shot of this!”

2)  “Stop making those “choo-choo” sounds. You’re killing the mood!”

3)  Front frog: “Okay, just remember I can only hold my breath for 4 minutes.” #2 frog. “No worries, I’ll be done in half that time.”

4)  “Hang on everyone. I think the book cover photographer is almost ready.”

5)  “Fly!”

6)  “When I heard this was a foursome, I thought we were playing golf.”

7)  “Tadpole mania, here we come!”

8)  “Dude, you’re really putting on some weight again. My back is killing me.”

9)  “I think they’ll all look like me.”

10) “Remember when we meet back at the lily pad, avoid eye contact and act natural.”

Care to add your own caption/quotes? Leave a comment and make us laugh.