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I have spent countless hours fishing the Big Thompson River.

I have been blessed with netting hundreds of beautiful trout.

The Big Thompson River flows through Sylvan Dale Ranch.

Upstream from main lodge: Big Thompson River

Upstream from main lodge: Big Thompson River

I have fished the SDR stretch of the Big “T” twice.

The first day I battled six inches of snow and the highest flows seen in decades.

Winter Wonderland in October.

Courtesy of Kerrie Flanagan

I caught three fish.

I returned three weeks later to fish in good weather but with the lowest flows of the season.

I caught three fish.

Soon, I return yet again. The weather forecast looks good. The flows are bumping up in the lower canyon. Last weekend’s snow storm should help raise the water levels. The guide reports are positive.

Even if I catch only three fish, it will still be a slice of heaven.


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