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The spin of our life’s journey is sometimes difficult to understand. But there a plenty of moments that make us smile. Often that is when we cross paths with someone new. Though we may not always understand the why’s, we should be grateful for the moments they bring.

Gillian Driscoll

Gillian Driscoll

Shortly after first meeting Gillian Driscoll, we spent a morning at Starbucks drinking tea and chatting about things “other-worldly.” She introduced me to a couple of new spiritual concepts. I find her UK accent adds a little mystique to her readings from the spiritual realm.

I am honored to introduce Gillian to you.

1) I often find that practioners in your field have family members who have also been in touch with the energy that is “the universe.” Is that true for your family, and if so, which members were prominent in their intuitive skills?

It’s funny you should ask this question as I was thinking about this the other day. I believe my mother was very intuitive although she didn’t acknowledge this out loud and I believe she might have been a little afraid of it. Now I look back, she often came out with things that, as a child, I didn’t question, but I now realize probably came from another space and time. For example, when I would complain about having a high pitched noise in my ear she would say, “Don’t worry, it’s only a news bell.”  Because I was a child and I didn’t question anything my mother said, I accepted this explanation. Then as an adult I forgot about it. When I went to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner training some years ago, she asked us if any of us ever heard a loud pitched noise in one ear?  This, she said, is the angels downloading information directly to us and, if it gets bothersome, just ask them to turn it down. On hearing this, I remembered my mother’s explanation. Why did she call it a “news bell”?  Did she know that it was the angels way of giving us news?  I wonder….

2) When a new client arrives and they have trouble deciding which interaction they would prefer, who chooses: The client, you, or their guides?

Usually people know what they want and they come for a Reiki session or angel guidance or an Akashic Records session. Most often they come with an issue or issues they want guidance around and are open to how they get it. When you are stuck, anything that helps you get unstuck is usually welcome!  I see myself as offering spiritual guidance or coaching to use the modern word, by connecting with a person’s Higher Self either through their Akashic Records or with the help of their angels. The guidance doesn’t come from me. It’s not my advice or opinion. It is in fact, the client’s Higher Self speaking to them through me and the connection I provide through the angels or the Akashic Records. Often people say things like “I think I always knew that” when they receive a piece of guidance. I usually say “Of course you do!” because the Higher Self already knows everything we need to know. We just have trouble hearing Her and I provide a way to do so.

3) I hadn’t heard of the “Akashic Records” until meeting and talking with you. This seems to me as one area of your field that is the least understood. Explain this area of intuitive/energetic work.

The idea that there is a record of everything that has ever happened to every individual for all of time, through many past lives, has been explored since the first time humans walked on the earth. The Akashic Records are the name given to the repository of all this data. Every soul has an Akashic Record that stores every lifetime, every experience, every thought, every opinion, every story we have ever told ourselves about our lives – in fact everything!  Sometimes this is referred to as a kind of library where we can access our Book of Life. However, I believe it operates more like the internet. The internet is a vast store of information that we can learn to access but ….. where is it?  We accept that the internet is out there somewhere and we don’t go looking for it but we are comfortable using it and believing in the information it gives us. So with the Akashic Records. When we bring a current issue to the Records, we are rewarded with the relevant information from this huge storehouse to help us get unstuck or out of confusion and are offered explanations for why we might be afraid to take certain steps or why we keep exhibiting the same response to a situation when we really would like to change it. We bring old patterns, fears and responses into this lifetime from past ones. In the past these behaviors may have served us well but now they don’t. Once we realize that this is the case, often this is all that is needed to let them go and allow new behaviors to come in. The Soul is the basic source that was created at the beginning of time – a unique one for each of us – and this is what is trying to guide us in every lifetime. The Soul wants us to move as close to its perfect pattern as we can. When we are moving towards the Soul’s pattern life flows and we feel good. When we are moving away because of the choices we have made, life leans towards chaos and we are not happy campers!  Looking into your Akashic Record can help get you back on track. Incidentally, it is not only human beings that have Akashic Records but so do pets, homes, businesses and public places, and we can look at those as well.

Interestingly science, particularly quantum physics, is moving closer and closer to confirming that the Universe does in fact have a “memory.”  Although the theory and evidence behind it is too complicated for me to completely understand, many physicists do now believe that nothing that happens in the Universe ever disappears but is out there somewhere if only we could learn to reconnect with it and retrieve it. Perhaps our ancestors knew this long ago and science is only now catching up?

4) Without naming anyone, what has been the most interesting “past life record” that you’ve encountered with a client.

When we look into the Akashic Records, we just get glimpses and snippets of past lives. We get to see just the parts that are relevant and helpful to the issue that has been brought up for guidance. Looking at past lives this way isn’t the same as doing a past life regression where the person is taken back to a past life and sees every detail about it. I think all past life information is interesting, not for what it shows about the past, but for what it shows about why someone might be behaving like they are or experiencing difficulties in this lifetime. For example, I just did a session for someone where we looked at a the Akashic Record of a home she has just bought and is about to move into. We saw that there had been a Native American encampment on the sight long ago and that she had in fact, lived on this land before. This is why she felt comfortable with the home (although now it was a condo rather than a teepee!) and why she was drawn to that particular area. Part of her guidance was to check out the “direction” of the condo in terms of the 4 directions in the Native American belief system and to use what she found to restore her connection to this place and ground her life there.

5) Having lived nearly equal parts of your life in the UK and the US, is there anything here in America that still baffles you (like driving on the right side of the road, etc.?)

When I first came here, many things baffled me. I was, after all, coming to live in a foreign country. Winston Churchill famously said that the US and UK were two countries divided by a common language and I certainly found that to be so. But I learned to speak American and now I’m quite good at it!  When I go to the UK, I have to switch back and sometimes that is harder for me. Occasionally, even after 30 years in the US, I still come out with something and someone will say “that must be a British thing.”  I didn’t know I said something strange!  I’m still learning…… The thing that frustrates me the most is the health care system but…..don’t get me started on that!

6) When you shut off your spiritual connection (at least for work purposes,) what else do you like to pursue?

As well as doing spiritual coaching, I am also a writer. I have had articles published in the past nationally in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, Spirituality & Health magazine and also in local publications. I have a blog (www.therestofmylifeisnow.blogspot.com) which I write in when I feel I have something to say. I’m not as disciplined as you are at this task unfortunately but I’m working on it. I am currently writing a book about intuition called The Intuitive Journey: Exploring Our Intuitive Skills. This is part autobiographical and will document my own intuitive journey from my ability to see fairies and angels as a child through my left-brained and logical years to my intuitive and spiritual awakening as the result of a skiing accident that dealt me a severe blow to the head and opened up those forgotten channels again. The second half of the book will be information about how anyone can enhance their intuitive skills and come to trust them as did our ancestors who didn’t have the internet or any of the other methods for decision making and negotiating life that we have substituted for our intuition. I love to show people how to trust their intuition again and how reliable it is.

I also am rather strange in that I love speaking (public speaking being the #2 fear for most people, second only to death) and am a member of a Toastmasters group. I am also a tap dancer!  I have always loved to dance since the age of three when my mother first took me to ballet and now tap dancing makes me happy!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share with your readers. I would like to offer one lucky winner a 3 card Angel Card Reading via email. Just ask the winner to contact me at gillian@elementalharmony.net and I will explain how it works.


Thanks Gillian for a most interesting interview.

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