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I finally met Kenneth Harmon in person last week. He was doing a video interview at his “haunted” home. Though nothing outrageous happened, I experienced some vibrations and feelings that convinced me someone else was present. I never doubted Ken’s claims in his book: Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell. My visit only confirmed what I had read.

1)  Your book, Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell  describes your experiences in meeting, documenting and discovering the life of the ghost of Mary Bell. Was this your first experience with a paranormal spirit or entity? If yes, why did you choose to write a book about it. If not, briefly describe any other encounters.

I didn’t have any paranormal experiences prior to becoming aware of Mary Bell inside our house. Even after she gave us subtle clues of her existence, we dismissed them for three years until experiencing paranormal activity while on the ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel. After that, I decided to launch an investigation, which confirmed Mary Bell’s presence. Because we had so many unbelievable things happen after I begin to investigate, I thought our story would make an interesting book. Having Mary Bell with us has changed all of us.

2) Most paranormal shows always go “black” when filming, which I believe is more for effect than out of necessity. With Mary Bell, are most of your experiences at night, in darkened rooms or has there been a balance of daytime/night time activity?

The majority of activity we experienced took place at night, but we did have several things happen during the day. My oldest daughter Sarah witnessed Mary Bell’s spirit moving into her sister’s room one morning. One reason most of the captured activity occurs at night is because Orbs are easier to film at night using night shot. Some people dismiss orbs as being nothing but dust, but they are wrong. Sarah has seen orbs flying around our current house on several occasions. I had an orb appear in front of me inside our old house. I was alone in the kitchen with all the lights on when a ball of light about the size of a tennis ball appeared in front of me. It hovered for a few seconds before vanishing. I quickly turned to my right and the orb was hovering in front of me again. It remained for a few more seconds before vanishing again. The orb was brown with darker brown swirls throughout the body of it. The outside was ringed in blue and the entire orb appeared glossy and wet. About a year ago, we filmed inside our current house at night and captured several orbs. Sarah’s boyfriend Mike was present, but he dismissed the orbs as dust. A few months later, Mike was downstairs in our kitchen pouring a glass of milk, when another glass sitting on the island slid approximately 8 inches. Mike told me that the glass not only moved by itself, but made a screeching sound as if someone was holding it down. I asked Mike if he still thought the orbs he saw were dust and he said, “no way.”

3) You mention your critique group “Raintree Writer’s” in your acknowledgements portion of your book. Were there any members (without naming names) who really struggled with the content/subject matter of Ghost Under Foot? If so, how did you work around/with that conflict?

No, the other members of my writer’s group have been accepting and very interested in Mary Bell’s story. One member of the group, April Moore, visited our old house with her husband and son. For the first thirty minutes of their visit, nothing happened. We moved into the living room where April’s son stepped out in front of the camera and tried to communicate with Mary Bell. At that point, I filmed several orbs moving around him

4) Your website mentions three other novels in progress. Care to mention what they are about (and potential titles?)

The last novel I completed was The Amazing Mr. Howard, a paranormal thriller about a professor who is a 400-year-old vampire. Mr. Howard pretends to be psychic in order to manipulate police investigations of his crimes. The Amazing Mr. Howard took second place in both the Pikes Peak Writer’s contest and the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association contest. Unfortunately, I recently learned from an agent who liked the book, that publishers are not interested in anything paranormal at the moment, so once again, my timing is terrible. I currently am working on a mainstream novel. It is the story of a forty-something football coach from a small town in West Texas who undergoes a sex change and his struggles once he returns as a woman to his hometown. This book has a touch of humor, so it is a refreshing change after Mr. Howard.

5) What about that first novel completed when you were just 19? What is the title and genre, a general plot line and has it been published anywhere?

The title was The Glass Paradise. The novel was about two young men whose lives are forever altered by choices made by their wealthy fathers. I never did attempt to find a publisher for it.

6) It’s time to make a choice: You find mirror at a flea market that is a portal to “the other side” and if you purchase it, spirits will routinely visit (only the nice types) your house and family, and you can never get rid of the mirror; OR…your story Ghost Under Foot is bought by 20th Century and will be made into a block buster hit. They decide to let you play yourself in the starring role, but you have no say in who plays your wife and kids. Which do you choose and why?

I would have to choose having 20th Century make my book into a movie, but with one condition, someone else would have to play the part of me. Last year, my wife and I flew out to Los Angeles to appear on the Biography Channel TV show, My Ghost Story. I got my fill of Hollywood during that experience. As far as having other spirits visit us, I believe having one ghost in the house is enough for us.


Thanks Kenneth for opening up the world of writing and ghosts. I’d love to come back over and chat with Mary Bell and find out what’s new on “the other side.”

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