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gold brick

I set out on a journey, paved by stones of a golden hue.
That journey was life; taken as I saw fit.
I neared a corner and was called around the bend
By a song calling to my soul.
Absorbed in the moment, consumed by joy,
Nothing else mattered.

I journeyed on to be greeted by a friend.
I readied to sing for her,
But discovered she, too, had a song of her own.
Surprisingly, my soul took pause.
And I, for once, chose to listen.


My friend’s words blended into beauty,
The clarity of her soul beamed bright.
I found myself in silent stillness, losing all thought
Of what I had come to share. My gift ungiven
now doubled. My burden lifted.

Then we parted ways, my friend and I.
Both changed by what had happened;
One from giving, the other from receiving.
Two journeys intertwined.
Two friends, their hearts set free.