Time has passed without knowing, creating moments that I may observe. So used to taking the lead, I find myself watching from the shadows. As a back stage apprentice I watch, and have and learned. I am still choosing, but choosing less, and allowing more. I am observing the energy and documenting nothing. Like a leaf upon the river, I am journeying where the flow desires, satisfied with the destination. It is time to accept, not challenge.

There is silence in the winter’s night–all sound is muffled by the fallen snow. The breath hangs frozen, shimmering in the reflected light of the moon. I know something is out there, turning thoughts within–and I wonder; “Is it ever really the same?” The river from headwater to ocean, complete in its totality, is always changing.

Changing what is perfect. Perfecting what is changed. Creating purity uncommon that opens my being to release all that yearns to be free. It fills my soul with the goodness bestowed. The
surrounding beauty fills the void and winter’s cold is shed away. The warmth of the heart stirs again. It is time to move forward, time to change, and time to smile.