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Kay Theodoratus spends her writing days wandering through her Far Isle Half-Elven worlds, chronicling those adventures along with several middle grade novels set in a multitude of settings. Currently she maintains nine completed works along in addition to several partial works on her hard drive. This despite her claim of being a “slow writer;” a term I’ll let her describe, should you feel inclined to ask.

Kay Theodarotus

Her new website (HERE) is up and running after a lengthy effort (maybe that slow writing thing?)

The pages are bright and easy to read. The illustrations and book covers all blend into a thematic tone which fits the Elven worlds of which she writes.

Book Cover

A Book Cover

Kay offers free tidbits and samples of her writing, along with a blog post page, current works in progress and contact info.

One thing Kay mentioned: old works never die. She has a project which was complete and sitting shelved. Deciding to pitch it at last year’s NCW Writer’s Conference, Springlea Henry at Grumpy Dragon contracted the work. It’s now in an illustration update with a projected release later this year.

Stop by Kay’s site. It’s refreshing and there’s something going on with a pig.

Kay's site Pig