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I am honored to announce that I’ll be guest posting at the blog of one of my favorite NCW authors, Patricia Stoltey. Author of two mystery books and with a third in the works, Pat was instrumental in kick starting my first critique group and provided some great feedback on my first submission as well.

She has invited me to post on her site on Valentine’s Day. Love will be the theme, you can count on that.

As I worked my way through the early draft for her blog I realized I hadn’t included any reference to the color red. And it doesn’t look like it will make it in the final cut. To make up for the faux pas, here’s a little something to cover my tracks.

I wrote this decades ago. For some reason I’ve always like this one.

red2Red Perception

To view the world
through rose colored glasses
imbues what we see
the color red.

But what does the man
who has a glass eye
perceive as real,
and what as dead?