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Two line-ruled pages stared me in the face back in December of 2011. I had just purchased the Northern Colorado Writers 2012 Writing Planner. The two pages, listed as Submission Tracker looked like an insurmountable cliff directly in the path of my writing career. I scoffed at the thought of filling up just one page of recorded submissions.

Now, here at the end of 2102 I am amazed (and proud) of my work and the courage it took to submit as many pieces as I have. Acceptances have been few and far between (yellow highlights). But with each piece of writing sent out, I’ve learned more about the publishing process, my writing and even a little bit about myself.

Black and White, with a hint of Yellow

Black and White, with a hint of success.

With a two more acceptances in December 2012, I look forward to 2013 with enthusiam and optimism, fully aware that reality (i.e. rejection) is always ready to keep me grounded.

How was your 2012 writing year and what are your plans for 2013?