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A step ahead is all that is needed to not fall behind. A step ahead is nothing more than just that. What is the reality that you find there? Is it something you’ve created? Or is it something you’ve allowed yourself to be drawn into? Feel the energy of what and who is there. You are never alone.

Communicate with whoever you find along your path. Reaching out is a good. But do not reach out for your own gratification. To enhance your own learning, help others first. The hero may not be the obvious choice. It is often the subtle pieces that complete the puzzle.

Time has passed but nothing has changed. Looking up brings clouds into view. Looking forward shows where you may go. Looking in teaches you how to get there. Patience breaks down the wall of frustration. Time does not determine how far you’ve come.

Listen to those around you. There is wisdom to be found. What you are seeing is to be believed. Doubt nothing. Accept that which appears not to be true. But do not doubt that it is. It just may not seem that way. Make the simple connections. One hundred of them put together will appear a complex situation. But it is not. A spider spins its web one strand at a time, though the completed work looks complicated. Spin your web in a similar fashion and the learning will stick as well.

The pending storm is not a concern. A drop in the bucket will evaporate, even when surrounded by a thousand others. It is no less, or more, important because of this. Understand and move forward. How far must you go? How far is the most distant star? Will that deter you?

Do not worry when you feel empty. Accept it and let it go. You cannot be full if at first, you are not empty. The container is not important, but rather the space within. It is unreal and the ultimate reality; an instant, lasting forever.

Take time to be that which you are now, so that you may become all that you are meant to be. If you never set your foot down, you cannot walk forward. Touch that which is around you and know that it is real. And see the memory is but a dream wrapped in a smile.