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Over 1500 miles traveled by car did little to dampen my enthusiasm to sit at the end of a long day of travel and work on my synopsis for Ghost Guide. What killed the momentum was finding out I’d left the partially written document file at home.

Fortunately I had the latest version of my novel on the laptop, so I dug in with a 1000+ word effort instead. An earlier version of a pivotal scene written months ago arrived later in the story and in need of major revisions. Still a turning point in the story, it’s now safely embedded in the manuscript with the big revelation nearly spilled. That’ll probably come tomorrow night as I sit listening to the ocean waves of the Pacific Coast after passing through autumn’s splendor mixed with the evergreens of the Cascade Range.

Welcome to Oregon

The drive should be spectacular. Oregon in the fall is pretty tough to beat. This week’s install at Hearts of Space Radio titled Stellar Visions 2 puts a serious spin on space music and will only fuel my focus to put words on the page.

Fire in the Pacific Northwest sky