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In two short weeks I’ll be sitting down with my new critique group to start the review and editing process of the very rough, first draft of my novel in progress, currently known as The Ghost Guide.

As the first get together looms ever closer, I find myself questioning my decision to begin this process. Closing in on two-thirds completion, I’m not as far as I had hoped to be, but am further along than I ever dreamed I could be. It’s a Yin and Yang tug of war with my emotions.

To prepare each other for our work, the group members will bring a synopsis of our novel to the first meeting. So it’s time I get started on my initial effort to write one. I’ll be using the 9 Tips for Writing a Perfect Synopsis from the blog of Mary Keeley at Books and Such Literary Agency, to help guide my synopsis writing journey.

I truly enjoy the revising and rewriting of a piece of work. Each cut, change and sometimes, addition takes the stroy to a new (and hopefully, higher) level of competence and enjoyment for the reader. Still, I know there will be some major “axing” of the story as my writing tends toward the verbose. Strong and lean are something I work toward, not something I usually begin with.

Another gremlin that’s invaded my mind is the realization that I am nearing completion of writing my first book. Elation? Certainly. But what then? I know, I know. Another few years of writing and rewriting, more critiques, lots of Chi Tea and maybe some tears over great scenes no longer needed. As I think about it, this revision process could last a very long time, considering a 2500 word personal essay I wrote went through 20 versions before I sent it free in the publishing universe. It still has yet to find a home.

Sitting on the book shelf in my mind are my next two books I plan to write. One, a memoir, is in early draft from, nearly 25,000 words laid to paper. The other is a YA that is nothing more than an idea and a few characters. Along with those, my better half keeps suggesting I try a children’s book. Who knows, maybe she’ll collaborate with me on that one.

For now, it’s time to write my first synopsis along with a few more chapters of Ghost Guide. I believe I know how the book will end. It will be interesting to see if the characters follow the same path, or provide a surprise ending of their own. It is, after all, their story.

I’ll probably need to re-think this after reading the blog tips…