Strong Enough


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Days go by, life is fair, unfair, kind, and unkind. On this journey I find strange places that hold words in my head. I’m not even sure the voice(s) is mine. But write what he/she/it/they say I do, and then I move on.

Strong Enough

There is a place I go
at night
or when family and friends die
A place of solitary sanity

A place of seed – of human
seed, a single seed buried in
dirt that smells of musk
like that where animals mate
Then part unceremoniously

I stand, then sit, then stand again
fighting the fidgety silence
that screams so loud I can
hear the sound of the fly
that licks  my lips,
finds nothing,
But refuses to leave

I flick my tongue once,
twice, to no avail. The fly
rubs its front legs together –
one more tongue flick and if the fly
Doesn’t leave

I swear I’ll eat the damn thing
to prove I’m strong enough
man enough
To survive the heartache

Of being left behind.