T is for Treadmill


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I know, I know…this is a month long journey about our journey to Spain and other countries. But not every minute is filled with “ooohs” and “aaahs.”

One commitment I made prior to our trip was to get in as much exercise as possible. I knew we’d be walking a lot, but I didn’t want to come home inflated like the exchange rate for the British Pound or EU Euro.

The ship had a decent fitness area and along the port side stood a row of treadmill machines. They faced an equally long row of windows, which helped provide scenary (depending, of course, on where we were. Some days it was nothing but water out there.)



Diligently, and with surprising regularity, I spent 30 or more minutes in the morning walking, and then jogging while viewing the ocean, an occasional passing ship, or distant coast line. A couple days the seas, described as moderate, rolled the ship enough that I would nudge up to the front of the treadmill and then had to hold position as the pitch and roll tried to scoot me off the back. But most days I was able to trundle along, iPod tunes helping to pass the miles and time.


The walking track outside was too narrow and short to provide more than a stroll and I feared getting dizzy doing so many tight laps (or from stopping at the outside bars,) that I preferred to stay indoors for my work outs.


Narrow path to nowhere

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